Simplifying Universal Serial Bus Connectivity with USB Bridge Devices From Silicon Labs - Whitepaper

Jan 4, 2017
The universal serial bus (USB) interface is one of the most successful communication standards in the electronics industry.
It has become the standard communication interface for many industrial and consumer applications that require connectivity to a host device. Its ease of use makes it the ideal choice of interface for many embedded applications.
But for embedded designers, a USB implementation requires protocol expertise and time-consuming software and firmware development. Most often, designers of these embedded applications are required  to provide an end solution that is highly cost effective. The simplest way to achieve this is by integrating the USB functionality in the MCU.
This whitepaper discusses how to add USB to any embedded solution with no need for USB expertise or firmware development, enabling faster times to market for designers.
Silicon Labs' MCUs make it easy to implement industry standard USB connectivity. These devices integrate many external components to reduce BOM cost and solution area and are extremely energy efficient, supporting a USB connection at only 1 mA current consumption. An on-board universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 function controller with an integrated transceiver and on-chip clock recovery are available with Silicon Labs’ MCUs in a wide range of packages including the industry’s smallest 3 mm x 3mm package. 
No external resistors, crystal, voltage regulator, EEPROM or other components are required. Development software is available and provides a complete host and device software solution easy to add USB functionality to your embedded system. USB class drivers, extensive libraries, example code and development kits make it easy to add USB to your embedded system. The USB controller in EFM8UB1x also contains a charger detection circuit which is compliant with the USB-IF Battery Charging Specification, Revision 1.2.
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