Symmetry Electronics Vice President of Marketing featured in Electronics Sourcing

May 3, 2017

David Beck, VP of Marketing at Symmetry Electronics

Recently David Beck, Symmetry Electronics’ VP of Marketing, was featured in an extensive Electronics Sourcing piece on how distributors are attracting customers by offering IoT solutions. For over a decade Symmetry’s line card has focused on wireless, video and embedded components before IoT was mainstream.

“IoT has definitely played a role with increasing our sales and adding new business opportunities,” said Beck.

As mentioned, Symmetry recently partnered with industry standouts MediaTek and Digi International as well as the recent line card additions of Ethertronics and Monolithic Power Systems. These suppliers help Symmetry provide design engineers solutions for their IoT products.

“IoT can fit everywhere and there are countless opportunities for connecting devices to control or monitor them,” said Beck.

With these new partners and the suppliers Symmetry has worked with for years, Symmetry’s IoT expertise and inventory makes engineers and manufacturers supply problems disappear. Whatever your IoT application is and however you need to connect it, Symmetry will find the right answer.

Engineers need a forward-thinking distributor with a helpful, friendly and knowledgeable sales team. With the wave of IoT forming, Symmetry’s line card as well as sales and engineering teams are in place and uniquely positioned to support IoT products and designs. 

To read the full article in Electronics Souring click here.

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Written By: James Staubes


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