Tech Fact Or Fiction? Antenna Design Can Happen In The End

Oct 5, 2017

Tech Fact or Fiction. In this series Symmetry Electronics Appilcation Engineers delve into the common myths and misconceptions which frequently come up and put them to rest, using their expert knowledge and experience. 

Fact or Fiction?

Antenna Design Can Happen In The End


This concept applies to all aspects of a design- all “pieces of the puzzle” should be considered throughout the entire development lifecycle. Power (regulators) are another piece that is often selected towards the end of a design and that can cause problems. Symmetry should try to promote all of our products that could be used in a customer’s design right away, and get them thinking about these various parts since they might not already be doing so.


Myth. Customers often think antenna is the last piece of the puzzle. They may be right but technically speaking, a good antenna design work needs to be initiated in advance and not towards the completion of the project. Some common problems with not initiating antenna design well in advance is – lack of space of PCB for SMD antenna integration, not enough ground plane available, the antenna not fitting in the product enclosure, inferior antenna performance, changes to be made to the existing product design by customer and more.

We need to understand that a good performing product is reflected by the kind of performance your antenna gives especially in case of a wireless product. So even though antenna may be the last piece of puzzle but it is one of the most critical piece and so enough time and effort needs to go into designing a good one.



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