Tech Fact Or Fiction? Selecting a new product for your design means you do all the research

Sep 20, 2017

Tech Fact or Fiction. In this series Symmetry Electronics Appilcation Engineers delve into the common myths and misconceptions which frequently come up and put them to rest, using their expert knowledge and experience. 

Fact or Fiction?

Selecting a new product for your design requires you to dig through news articles, manufacturer featured parts, selector guides and datasheets.


Instead you can check out Symmetry's product selector guides, tech teardowns, or call/e-mail an Application Engineer directly. Since distributors are only trying to sell parts from their lines, specific manufacturers get suggested over other options that are possibly better. Regardless, Symmetry has resources to point you in the right direction. 

With Symmetry’s years of expertise in the semiconductor industry, technically equipped sales engineers, great team of application engineers, sales and marketing collateral, and our constant effort to make the life of our customers hassle free and easy – we always make the extra effort and change the trend. This also includes eliminating the trend where customers had to do their research themselves and scroll through thousands of manufacturer pages and related documents to get to a solution. With changing times, Symmetry is leading the way and we believe in doing all the work for our customers. Using Symmetry’s technical resources, the step is as simple as coming to Symmetry with your requirements and make sure your requirements are met. Think of Symmetry as your loyal friend. We understand while some of you may be old school and prefer doing it all by yourself, we also have great online resoruces – marketing collateral and sales tools, product selector guides, blogs, app notes, reference designs, videos and tutorials.

Selecting the right components for your design is the most important decision. The product needs to satisfy your application requirement. What is suitable for others may not be right for you. Symmetry can help you guide through this process. After understanding your application requirements we can shortlist products suitable for you.


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