The Future of IoT & Semiconductors - Part 1

Sep 14, 2017


Largest expanding market by far. Smart home/city tech: Smart plugs, security, lighting, appliances, motion, integration, metering, infrastructure, water.  Reduce energy and water consumption by monitoring. Make life easier by automatically turning on lights, coffee maker and other appliances. 

Smart Industry Tech:

New 3D printer technologies will improve development times tremendously. New 3D printers have continued to decrease in price and there are many decent consumer printers in the $300-$500 range. This price will continue to drop and capabilities will go up. I see a huge benefit of these although only if you can create models yourself- something requires effort and/or money to learn and I feel as though engineers are the majority demographic (not a huge part of the market). Data analytics, communication protocols and cybersecurity/cryptography will continue to develop and expand as IoT expands.

Smart Health Tech:

Connected doctor’s offices (no more filling out paper forms); your medical history is easy to obtain and transfer between doctors; machine learning is used to diagnose a symptom from home saving you a trip to the doctor; ship out a pin prick of your blood to diagnose cold or vitamin deficiencies.

Smart Auto Tech:

IoT of vehicles and infrastructure. V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) protocol recently standardized. With this will come connected smart vehicles- your car will talk to stop lights and other cars improving traffic, while sharing important data like road conditions and weather. V2I and V2V communication will open a brand-new industry in conjunction with driverless and autonomous vehicles.

Written by Symmetry Electronics Application Engineer Tyler Wojciechowicz



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