VIDEO: Track Temperature & Humidity with Silicon Labs Sensors

Oct 18, 2017

In this video, Symmetry Electronics Application Engineer Tyler Wojciechowicz shows how to visualize sensor data in an easy to read on-screen GUI using a Silicon Labs Si7021 temperature and humidity sensor.

Bill of materials for this demo: Arduino Uno, Si7021, 10-pin DFN to DIP breakout, (2) male header pins, 10uF capacitor


  • HVAC/R
  • Thermostats/humidistats
  • Respiratory therapy
  • White goods
  • Indoor weather stations
  • Micro-environments/data centers
  • Automotive climate control and defogging
  • Asset and goods tracking
  • Mobile phones and tablets

Key Features:

  • Precision relative humidity sensor
  • High accuracy temperature sensor
  • -10° to 85° C sensing capability
  • Low power consumption (150uA)
  • Factory-calibrated
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Optional factory-installed cover

Head on over to the official Arduino page to download the IDE:

Arduino Download

Then head to the tutorials page to learn more about how to use your Arduino:

Arduino Tutorials

If you haven’t used Processing before, you can download it here:

Processing Download

Then head to the tutorials page to learn more about how to use Processing:

Processing Tutorials

First wire up your Si7021 following this wiring diagram:

Next, download the example Arduino code here:

Arduino sketch

And download the example Processing code here:

Processing sketch

Once you have uploaded the Arduino code, start Processing and open the Processing example code. Change your COM port to match the COM port of your Arduino (see comments in code), and then run the processing code. If everything is wired up correctly and you have the correct COM port selected, you should see a live feed of your temperature and relative humidity.

All relative documents and manuals to the Si70211 can be downloaded from here:

SiLabs Manuals


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