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Jul 9, 2018

In the past, we’ve discussed why using a module could be highly advantageous to your design cycle. However, not all modules are the same. Pre-certification can help save a lot of money, time, and unneeded stress.

Consider using a certified module – here are three reasons why:

1. Lower customer engineering costs

Getting a module certified on your own can quickly accrue in additional costs. Not only is it expensive to test and make sure that the components pass certification, but the costs of the certification itself isn’t worth it for many businesses. For modules with no certifications, expect to pay $30k to 200k.


2. Lower Time to Market

By using a module that has been pre-certified, you get a module that is ready to go. No need for long certification waits, the manufacturer has already done the work for you.

This lower time to market can be especially important for those in IoT applications, where the first to release their product to the market can have the long-term advantage.


3. Easier to implement, With Less Risk

It’s easier to underestimate the amount of work a new design can take. With each chip added to a board are numerous factors to consider and interactions to take care of. Using a module that has been pre-certified reduces the difficulty of successfully implementing a working design. Since the module has passed rigorous testing prior to certification (usually by a manufacturer that specializes in that module), you can rest assured that the module will provide less risk for failure.


In addition to these three, there are many other reasons to use a certified module:

  • Lower Reference design complexity
  • Low BOM qual effort
  • Lower RF design expertise
  • Lower System design eng effort
  • Lower performance tuning effort
  • Lower production SMT cost
  • Lower production calibration cost
  • Built-in certification cost
  • No certification effort
  • No certification time


Do you still have questions about certification? Want to know which certified module is best for your design? Contact one of our applications engineers for help with your next design.



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