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Apr 2, 2018


One common component that engineers often forget to add to their design is sound. It can’t be overstated the flexibility that sound provides when software developers are adding functionality to the product. Finding a reliable audio solution that stands the test of time can also be difficult, especially for medical, security and industrial applications

DB Unlimited is Symmetry’s trusted supplier for audio components. Microphones, piezo benders, amplifiers, indicators, and waterproof speakers are all covered by DB Unlimited. They also provide custom solutions to solve the most challenging acoustic designs.

DB Unlimited’s newest product offering, the 67 series of waterproof speakers, gives OEMs additional flexibility when looking for a water-friendly solution. Some of the most important uses for waterproof speakers include first-responders working in rough environments, medical equipment that doesn’t have to be wiped down, and heavy equipment operators working in mud and water.

Symmetry Electronics offers the latest DB Unlimited audio solutions for your IoT application. For details, visit the supplier page.




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