From RECOM Power: "Elektronik Readers voted boost switching regulator as the number 3 product of the year"

Apr 5, 2018

For the 20th time, the readers of the German electronics magazine “Elektronik” voted from a selection of 111 products in ten categories for the most innovative products of 2018. RECOM’s new R-78S boost switching regulator achieved an excellent 3rd place. The series has been specially designed for single-cell powered IoT applications. With a wide input voltage range, high efficiency and low stand-by losses, the boost regulator extends not only the working lifetime of the application, but also maintains a stable 3.3V output down to “the last gasp” battery voltage.



Based on the simple plug-and-play concept of the standard R-78 buck regulator which has been voted product of the year 2005, the R-78S boost regulator is able to provide a stable 3.3VDC output from a lower input voltage from 3.15V down to 0.65V.

Applications such as microcontrollers, WLAN / Bluetooth / LoRa modules or IoT systems can now be supplied from a single 1.5V cell, which, in contrast to conventional 3V button batteries, offers considerably more power for a longer operational life.

The efficiency of the R-78S series can reach 93% at full load and can maintain over 90% even under light loading.  No load current consumption is 160μA, and standby current consumption drops down to 7μA when the control pin is used.

The converters are protected against permanent short circuit and over-temperature conditions and have an under voltage lockout to protect rechargeable cells from deep discharge. They can be operated in ambient temperature range from -40°C up to +100°C and are certified to the new EN62368-1 standard. 

The R-78S comes with a 3-year warranty. Samples are now available from all authorized distributors. Detailed information and data sheets are available at












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