From Aeris: "5G and the Expanding World of IoT (a webinar)"

Jun 25, 2018

Written by Carmi Brandis from Aeris


Aeris recently held a webinar (WAN and 5G: Expanding IoT Connectivity) to talk about upcoming advances in cellular connectivity because just when you get used to some technology, we get teased with better, newer, faster technology that we are told will replace what we have now. Is this change for the sake of disruption? Or is this change for the better? For cellular connectivity, the fast approaching inclusion of 5G technology definitely will create business opportunities. So, what’s the buzz?


The Why and the What of 5G

Aeris CTO Syed ‘Z’ Hosain led the 5G discussion, which included an extensive Q&A session, and covered the opportunities and the challenges that this technology will bring, as well as the expanded field of use cases. Additional topics covered included the expectations of enhanced performance with greater capacity; better allocation of available spectrum; miniscule latency; and the new applications and services for the expected billions of connected devices spread across the globe.

The newfound capabilities of low-power, wide area networks, including LTE-M and NB-IoT, were discussed, thereby bringing into focus differentiators of each technology. The advantages of long-life batteries were reviewed, acknowledging their importance to long-term growth.


The 5G of tomorrow easily will surpass what is available today. High data rates with low latency communications will enable the high-performance of new applications. Rethinking the spectrum will allow for greater speeds and more data but that comes with rising security issues. And the impact of 5G and wide area networks (WAN) to businesses will be significant in their ability to enhance business models to create additional revenue streams.

But 5G will not be without issues. Bandwidth and latency requirements will need to improve. The expansion of mobile broadband will create even more traffic volume. And as noted everywhere, the number of devices will grow into many billions, so 5G will need significant additional spectrum for performance. Building and underground penetration will require sub-1GHz. And many IoT apps still are years away.

5G 345

What lies ahead for companies embracing the IoT is a world filled with opportunities. Listen in to our webinar to get a preview of this near-future technology that, once again, will alter the ways global businesses view the path to profitability.

For a deep-dive into 5G, its challenges, potential, and possible pathways, click to listen in on our 5G webinar recording.





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