From Aeris Communications: How to Win Your First IoT Launch

Jan 30, 2018

Written by Emily Goldshteyn from Aeris Communications

IoT is not a distant concept anymore. Every day, we discover the hidden but powerful benefits provided to consumers and businesses alike. But what is at the heart of this complicated system? What will enable you to be successful, to scale up your business and revenue? The essential part of the system is a robust but flexible IoT platform with exceptional customer support.

An IoT environment is a complex system involving various players to ensure success of a project. This includes connectivity providers, gateway providers, IoT platform vendors, device manufacturers, software vendors, and data center providers. The key to success is to have all these work as a single entity. That is where the platform and support make the difference.


Global Coverage and Connectivity

It is essential for business to be able to grow and scale seamlessly at any geo-location desired. You have to design your business with expansion in mind. This means you will need multiple carriers to connect your IoT devices from various parts of your operating regions. Your IoT platform has to support all your geo-coverage connectivity options in a robust way, while providing superior quality of service.

Improved Cost and Manageability

Operational costs are a daunting issue with businesses that want to either start small and scale as needed or are ready to deploy a sizable number of devices all at once. The IoT platform has to enable tiered pricing and flexible service options to cater to various types of devices and industry verticals. Being able to manage your device capabilities from one portal (upgrade, downgrade, or suspend service) based on business need is important to keep costs low while reaching your business goals.

Easy Support and Troubleshooting

IoT platform support is vital in keeping your customers happy while ensuring business continuity. You should be able to vary the support levels — from self-support documents and user forums all the way to in-person support while configuring devices for the first time. Reliable global support can elevate your business and establish you as a major player in the market.


For your business, the IoT platform has to accommodate connectivity, coverage, and support requirements while assuring that your organization stays on plan within the expected timeframe provided. Discover the three incredible things that Aeris’s IoT Services platform can do for you – register for our webinar now.



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