From Embedded Antenna Design: "CMx range has LTE multiband puck applications covered"

Dec 17, 2018

LTE Multiband puck

EAD’s range of LTE multiband puck products is addressing a number of applications that required multi-element antennas for external intallations. Based on our proven permanent mount puck antenna platform, there are a number of configurations to suit a variety of requirements.

The standard and most common solution is 2 x LTE (MIMO) in a single permanent mount puck antenna. Fed by 2 coaxial cables, the CMO antenna offers MIMO connectivty to LTE-WiFi routers for fixed and mobile applications.

Adding an active GNSS element to the 2 x LTE is also possible. This model is called the CMG antenna and is fed by 3 coaxial cables enabling a positioning functional to the MIMO LTE connectivity.

Removing 1 x LTE element from the CMG is possible thereby leaving 1 x LTE and 1 x active GNSS. This variant is called the CLG antenna and can be deployed where the download speeds from 2 x LTE is not required.

Alternatively, the puck antenna can be supplied with 1 x LTE, 1 x WiFi and 1 x GNSS which offers innovative multi-band functionality in a compact platform. This antenna is called the CLWG.

All of these variants are available as a Magnetic version too. Based on the MP-2L as a 2 x LTE magnetic antenna.

For interesting projects, we are open to make modifications to our LTE multiband puck range to provide functionality for 868 MHz or 915 MHz or indeed offer a passive GNSS element instead of an active one.

For European customers, the CMO is available to purchase in small quantities via the Connex webshop.

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