From Micronas: "New sensor programming tool for Hall-effect sensors"

Oct 13, 2018


TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) expands its tool chain for the easy programming of various Micronas Hall-effect sensors with the Magnetic Sensor Programmer MSP V1.0. It replaces the APB 1.5 and complements the existing programmer line, which comprises the USB-Programming Kit V1.01 and the HAL APB V5.1. These programmers are especially designed for use in the development laboratory. TDK now offers three dedicated tools supporting all programmable Micronas sensors. The Magnetic Sensor Programmer is available from mid-September and can be ordered via TDK-Micronas’ sales offices or one of its distribution partners listed on

The new Magnetic Sensor Programmer is suitable for all members of the product families HAL 18xy, HAL/R 24xy, HAL 28xy, HAL/R/C 37xy as well as forthcoming angular sensors. The devices are mainly applied in automotive applications for position detection or angle measurement, and amongst others, in throttle valves, accelerator pedals, EGR, neutral-gear recognition, transmission gear sensor, bending lights and steering-angle applications. Additionally, in the field of industrial electronics, the programmable linear sensors HAL 18xy and HAL 24xy are used for current measurement, joysticks, rocker switches, and for manifold extended position measurement scenarios.

To optimize the system performance in these customer applications, an individual programming of the sensor is necessary. Therefore, TDK offers the corresponding hard- and software. Compared to its predecessor, the Magnetic Sensor Programmer is able to drive higher currents and to handle latest Micronas sensors with PSI5-output. The Magnetic Sensor Programmer can simply be connected to a PC via its RS-232 or USB interface. TDK provides dedicated software supporting a command interface for the communication with a PC. This allows the implementation of specific PC software for engineering purposes or development. For each of the programmable Hall sensor families, a specific software exists providing a graphical user interface based on LabViewTM. Customers currently using APB 1.5 can easily switch to the new Magnetic Sensor Programmer, which is compatible to previous software versions. This easy way of programming offers customers improved productivity and optimized sensor performance.

The programming software for the different sensor families is provided for free. After registration, it can be downloaded from TDK-Micronas’ online service portal


  • MSP = Magnetic Sensor Programmer
  • EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • APB = Application Board
  • PSI5 = Peripheral Sensor Interface, a two-wire interface used to connect peripheral sensors to electronic control units in automotive electronics
  • RS-232 = Recommended Standard 232 (V24), a standard for serial communication data transmission

Main applications

  • Programming of HAL 18xy, HAL/R 24xy, HAL 28xy, HAL/R/C 37xy

Main features and benefits

  • Programming of latest sensors with PSI5-output
  • Compatible to previous software versions
  • Replaces APB 1.5




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