From Multi-Tech: "MultiTech Expands Features for Award Winning MultiConnect? mDotTM and xDotTM modules"

Sep 21, 2018

Los Angeles, CA – Sept. 11, 2018– Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today introduced new feature enhancements for its LoRaWANTM compliant MultiConnect® mDotTM and MultiConnect® xDotTM long range RF modules.

The Arm® MbedTM modules are secure, CE/FCC/RCM/GITEKI/WPC certified, low-power RF modules, that provide long-range, low bit rate M2M data connectivity to sensors, industrial equipment and remote appliances. The MultiConnect mDot and MultiConnect xDot are part of the MultiTech family of LoRaWAN communications devices which also includes the programmable MultiConnect® ConduitTM gateway, and MultiConnect® mCardTM gateway accessory cards.

The newest versions feature added support for Multicast Messages; FUOTA (Firmware update over the air) for mDot only; xDot bootloader for local firmware updating over the local serial interfaces (supported also for mDot); and channel plans for Korea and India. Multicast messaging is also used with FUOTA to send updated firmware to many mDots at one time.

“The new multicast messaging feature introduces the unique ability for the MultiConnect Conduit Gateway to communicate with groups of MultiConnect mDot and xDot modules (or other LoRa end-nodes) deployed in a customer’s solution,” said David Tincher, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MultiTech. “Within a street light scenario, users can now broadcast a message to groups of LoRa end-nodes, allowing an application to turn on all the lights in one particular area instead of turning them on one streetlight at a time. This feature alone is having a positive impact within our industry.”




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