From NimbeLink: "NimbeLink Launches What Do You Want To Connect? ? The Internet of Things? Best Place To Create Solutions And Get Connected?Fast!"

Dec 15, 2018


With more than 50 billion “Things” projected to be connected over the next five years, leading cellular IoT solution company creates one-stop location to get projects started and connected – FAST! And for a limited time, companies can receive 25MB of free data when starting a project.

Plymouth, MN, November 14, 2018 – NimbeLink, the world’s leading provider of cellular IoT technology, solutions and services, today announced that the company has launched What Do You Want To Connect?, a launching point for companies and individuals across all industries and applications to start and launch their cellular IoT projects. And for a limited time, NimbeLink is offering 25MB of free data with the engagement of a project and purchase of a data plan.  Click here to get a project started and to receive your free 25MB of data.

“The IoT is Infinite. The number of things to connect is infinite. The best place to connect them is not,” says NimbeLink CEO and Co-Founder Scott Schwalbe. “With experts claiming that literally tens of billions of devices will be connected in the next few years, there needed to be a quick and easy, one-stop location for people to begin and launch their solutions. With What Do You Want To Connect?, the process is simple, just fill out a short form, get connected with our team of engineers, and your project is underway.”

What Do You Want To Connect? is for companies and individuals focused on creating cellular based products and solutions. Whether you are looking to track a remote asset or connect a device to the Internet, What Do You Want To Connect? is the world’s launching point to connect anything and everything to the Internet of Things, Fast! So, if you work in Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, Supply Chain & Logistics, or any other industry, What Do You Want To Connect? is the best place to create and launch your cellular IoT solution.

NimbeLink’s embedded modems and asset-tracking solutions are created and deployed with carrier-certification and are all deployment ready. Historically, and by design, NimbeLink has always made connecting to cellular networks easy, which significantly reduces costs and time-to-market. And, now, with What Do You Want To Connect?, the process has gotten even easier.

For more information, please click here to get your project started and to receive your free 25MB of data.




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