From RECOM: "Buck-boost regulator in DOSA footprint is made in Europe"

Nov 9, 2018

RECOM presents its latest RBB10 buck-boost converter with DOSA footprint and extra-low profile. These power modules can reliably provide trimmed output voltages from a wide range of input voltages in applications such as USB voltage regenerators, 3.3V to 5V converters and battery regulators.


The RBB10 series is a 4A non-isolated buck/boost regulator power module which offers an extra-low profile for space critical applications. Due to its buck-boost operation mode, it accepts input voltages that are higher, equal or lower than the trimmed output voltage. Transition from buck to boost mode is smooth without any interruption to the output. The compact RBB10 module reaches an efficiency of up to 96%, which allows it to operate at full load in ambient temperatures as high as 85°C without forced air cooling. The 6-side shielded package optimizes EMC performance and thermal management. All these features make this converter an ideal modular solution for many applications such as USB voltage regenerators, 3.3V to 5V converters, and supercapacitor or Li-Ion battery regulators. RECOM also developed an evaluation board so that customers will be able to quickly and easily test these modules. RBB10 samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.




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