From Redpine Signals: "Quessence to offer advance alert to cardiac problems"

Mar 31, 2018

If case of anomalies it will send alert to the phone or e-mail

Can you know how your heart is functioning and how the pulse rate is and blood pressure levels are?

How will it be if you can know without visiting a doctor and get an alert if some problem is likely to come in the near future! That is what Quessence device platform will offer. Being developed by Redpine Signals, the platform fixed with a device is a trained machine which reads and collects the data of a person if attached to the body. The device observes the pulse rate, heart beat and blood pressure of the person, then relates it to the old data collected from the same person which is stored in the QueCloud, a storage space that would be offered by the company and verifies with the information it has obtained.

If any anomalies are observed in the parameters it will send an immediate alert to the registered mobile number or e-mail address so that the person can contact the doctor immediately even before he faces some problem. “This device, a micro control unit, can be used even to detect the malfunctioning of engines. These are the Internet of Things-based platforms using artificial intelligence.

These can he gesture-based and if you wave your hand it gets a signal of function of a particular instrument like you can change the switch on the TV or change the channel,” Mr. Karthik Suryadevara, a representative of Redpine Signals, told The Hindu.





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