From Telit: "Finding IoT Solutions for Smart Mining | Telit and Outotec"

Nov 12, 2018

Searching for Valuable IoT Insights? Start by Gathering the Right Data.


Everyone is talking about the influx of data—2.5 quintillion bytes per day, to be exact—collected by millions of connected devices throughout the world.


Analyzing data to find helpful business insights sounds like a straightforward undertaking, but the more information you have to sift through, the more complicated the task becomes.

That’s why it’s essential to collect the right pieces of data before you put together the puzzle.


Case Study: Mining Data for Outotec


A global company that designs and develops technology for processing metals and minerals, Outotec runs mining sites in remote areas around the world. The company operates mechanically complex tools that process and refine the harvested elements, leaving end products that are free from impurities.


Outotec’s tools are very complex, and they generate a wealth of data. The company uses programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to control the machinery and has human machine interface and IT onsite but lacks the capability to perform statistical analysis on premise.


Outotec’s challenge was twofold: they needed to monitor their machines constantly, extracting the data needed to enable preventive maintenance, and then transmit that data to another part of the world where a team of analysts could interpret it.


To tackle the operational technology side of their needs, Outotec turned to Telit.


Starting with the required models, we worked to identify types of data needed to solve preventive maintenance problems. Then, we connected the devices and sensors to gather it within complex systems Outotec already had in place.

Once collected, the data is transmitted to an enterprise system where it’s decoded and placed in the proper database tables. Outotec can easily transfer large batches of data to their team of analysts in Espoo, Finland, halfway across the world from their mining sites.


Driving Change with IT/OT Integration


Outotec’s analytics team receives only the data they need for their models, which allows them to put together the puzzle pieces efficiently, creating a clear picture of how the mining tools are working and when they will require service.


Telit combines its expertise on the OT side with IT specialists who can crunch the data for insights, integrating the systems seamlessly. Forging a close partnership between OT and IT experts ensures that both sides of IoT are functioning at optimum levels.


Armed with Insights


With a stream of real time data, Outotec’s analysts can provide constant updates on site efficiency, maintenance issues, and other concerns. Outotec then uses that information to brainstorm solutions and improve efficiency.


“Digitalization enables us to engage in constant dialogue with our customers,” says Olli Nastamo, Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence, in Outotec’s 2017 Sustainability Report.

“It allows us to apply the expertise of the entire company by giving our maintenance personnel easy access to digital data. It speeds up our ability to deliver spare parts. All in all, digitalization gives us a considerable competitive edge.”


Smart data mining starts with identifying the categories of data needed to glean business insights.


Telit’s experts can help you leverage IoT solutions, sifting through a constant stream of data to find—and deliver—those essential pieces of the puzzle.




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