From Telit: "How an OT Systems Integrator Can Drive IoT Success"

Nov 28, 2018

According to some predictions, the number of connected things worldwide will exceed 70 billion by 2025, while the global worth of the Internet of Things will reach $6 trillion by the same date. Undoubtedly, IoT is having a massive impact on every industry, and enterprises want to harness that energy. 


While the appeal of IoT is strong, the details are often a source of confusion and frustration for solution architects and integrators seeking an approach to onboard things rapidly with scale. In reality, the IoT is too vast for any one organization to excel in every layer of solution development.


Instead of attempting to succeed at device management, connectivity management, operational systems and data integration on your own, break the problem down and look for partners who can supply the missing pieces of your puzzle.



Working with an OT Systems Integrator


As a systems integrator that excels at data IT integration and analysis, you may not be comfortable with the operational technology side of the equation, which involves tapping into digital and non-digital assets and bridging them into IT. Integration at the device or sensor domain level is often a formidable challenge.


To transmit data from a sensor or device to the data model, integrators must clear a path by considering network architecture, sourcing, selection, security and ongoing device management. The key word here is ongoing, because IoT devices are live entities that must be monitored, updated and secured constantly.


Working with specialists that live and breath OT integration can help in determining what data to collect and how best to get it extracted with the right off-the-shelf tools.  Furthermore, they can provide guidance and solutions for maintaining these assets over their lifecycle, so you can focus on analyzing the data they generate and producing the outcomes enterprises need to transform their businesses.


What does it look like to partner with an OT systems integrator? Here is a case in point.


Case Study: Supporting Yokogawa’s IT Expertise


A global leader in the industrial automation and control, test and measurement, aviation, and other business segments, Yokogawa decided to partner with Telit in 2017 to construct an Industrial Internet of Things architecture. For more than a century, Yokogawa has provided devices, analytical instruments and other industrial solutions to enterprises, and by joining forces with Telit’s robust technological portfolio of communication modules, sensor onboarding and device management capabilities, they will be able to offer their clients an end-to-end sensor to cloud solution.


“Telit’s expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things segment combined with their outstanding portfolio of Internet of Things technology will allow us to accelerate our development of services,”said Tsuyoshi Abe, a Yokogawa vice president and head of the company’s Marketing Headquarters.


“This added agility is exactly what we need to create that value.”




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