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Jul 23, 2018

Many engineers may forget to add sound into their design until the very end of the design cycle, but sounds are often a very crucial interaction that end-users rely on.

Here are some important considerations for adding sound into your design.


Where does sound go?

Sounds is an important interface tool for all applications, including Internet of Things, Home Automation, Wearables, Medical, Fire/Safety/Security, Point of Sales Terminals, Handheld Readers, Industrial Products

Look and Listen for: Buzzers, Beepers, Transducers, Indicators, Speakers, Microphones, Piezo, Sounders, Horns and Custom Audio Devices

They are found wherever there is a user interface: Controls: Buttons, Keypads, Control Panels, Displays, LEDs, Beacons Audible Feedback: Confirmation, Rejection or Warning Tones


Do I need sound?

How do you know if you need sound? Here are some signs:


Look and Listen. Ask yourself these questions about your product

Does your product provide audible user feedback or warnings?

Does it beep when you press buttons?

Does it offer confirmation, rejection or warning tones?

Does it play one tone, multiple tones, voice or music?

Consider the added value of added buzzers, beepers, transducers, indicators, speakers, microphones,

piezos or horns.


User Interactions benefit with sound

Audio feedback is an important part of the user experience. Sounds is used as an indicator of any button press or interface modification, and can solve many issues that would otherwise leave users frustrated.

- Buttons

- Switches

- Control panel

- Keypad


Adding sound is important for many applications

Sound provides important feedback for many industries, especially for mission critical applications.

- Medical

- Fire/Safety/Security

- Point of Sale

- Handheld Barcode/RFID Readers

- Industrial Equipment

- Wearables

- Internet of Things / Home Automation


Got Sound?

DB Unlimited provides world class audio solutions to maximize customer designs and help solve engineering design challenges, with a strong focus on providing industry leading customer service and customer support tools.


What does DB Unlimited offer?


  • Sizes from 10mm to 306mm
  • Dynamic and Piezo
  • Micro, Standard, High Heat and Waterproof Versions Available


  • Sizes from 3mm to 9.7mm
  • MEMS and Electret Condenser
  • Surface Mount, Thru Hole and Flush Mounting Types


  • Sizes from 6.5mm to 50mm
  • Electro-Mechanical and Piezo
  • Bracket, Flange, Flush, Panel, Surface and Thru Hole Mounting Types


  • Sizes from 5mm to 45mm
  • Electro-Mechanical and Piezo
  • Flange, Flush, Surface and Thru Hole Mounting Types

Piezo Benders

  • Sizes 6.5mm to 50mm
  • With and Without Feedback Circuits
  • Customizable with Various Connection Methods

Custom Solutions

  • From Value Add to Full Custom Design
  • Exceptional Quick Turn Time
  • Designed and Manufactured to Meet Your Needs


DB Unlimited is the world leading audio solutions provider committed to maximizing customer designs and helping solve engineering design challenges. Their 40 years of industry experience has resulted in the most comprehensive offering of acoustic components in the industry. They offer a vast array of innovative technical resources and as part of their dedication to industry-leading customer service, they partner with the best local representatives and distributors, ensuring their customers of truly UNLIMITED possibilities, regardless if they are down the street or across the globe.



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