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Jul 2, 2018


Symmetry Electronics has partnered with Medium One to provide ready-to-use cloud kits.

Medium One provides an end-to-end IoT platform to simplify your path to production. This is an all-in-one solution that provides an entire set of tools for developing and integrating IoT workflows.

Some of Medium One’s built-in tools included:

  • Flexible Real-Time Workflows
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Device Built-in Identity Management
  • Customer Facing Dashboards
  • Self-User Registration
  • Pre-built Multi-Tenancy, Roles and Permissions
  • Payment Integration

All these tools can be accessed on Medium One’s user portal.


One of the most unique features of using Medium One’s cloud service is the ability for customers to use the same Medium One account between different cloud-enabled devices. Customers currently have a choice between the Silicon Lab Thunderboard Sense 2, Nordic Thingy, Nordic nRF52 or Digi’s xBee3. Data between any of these devices will be shared on Medium One, allowing customers to mix and match different devices according to their needs in different situations.


Pre-built Integrated Solutions

To simplify design for common, complex applications, Medium One offers ready-to-go apps

Our Ready-to-Go Apps are fully working reference designs and product concepts; ready for you to use, as is, or customize to meet your specific needs. We provide a fully integrated solution for building a variety of IoT Apps that you can then white label. Starting with an out-of-the-box solution enables you to hit the ground running and dramatically shortens your Time-to-Market and customization costs.

Ready-to-use solutions include:

  • Asset tracking solution with reference design kit
  • Facial Recognition for Kiosk and Digital Signage
  • Long range BLE 5 Sensor and Gateway Solution
  • Voice and occupancy detection conference room finder
  • Industrial Automation


For more information about Medium One solutions and purchase one yourself, visit our website at:



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Why partner with Symmetry Electronics? Symmetry's technical staff is specially trained by our suppliers to provide a comprehensive level of technical support. Our in-house Applications Engineers provide free design services to help customers early in the design cycle, providing solutions to save them time, money and frustration. Contact Symmetry for more information.


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