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Mar 28, 2018

Embedded Vision Helps Your Vision Come to Life

What is Embedded Vision?

The Embedded Vision Alliance describes embedded vision as “the practical use of computer vision in machines that understand their environment through visual means.” Computer vision is defined as “the use of digital processing and intelligent algorithms to interpret meaning from images or video.”1 Essentially, it gives embedded systems the ability to see and translate objects into meaningful interpretations.

The emergence of IoT has pushed embedded vision to the forefront of technology research, and embedded vision can be found in many recent IoT applications like drones, robotics, VR/AR systems, and medical equipment.


LatticeEVS Dev Kit Diagram


How Lattice Semiconductor pushes the envelope

Lattice Semiconductor’s Embedded Vision Development Kit provides the perfect starting point for OEMs adding energy-efficient image signal processing and hardware acceleration to their design. A Modular Video Interface Platform (VIP) provides the ultimate software and hardware prototyping environment for embedded system designers. Flexible interface connectivity allows the ability to mix and match input and output boards to interface with a variety of image sensors and displays. Energy efficient image pre-processing and acceleration makes Lattice's embedded vision solution perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 machine vision, surround view cameras in smart automotive application, drones, smart city, retail applications, medical applications and augmented reality.

Features include:

  • All-inclusive development kit with on-board video sources
  • CrossLink VIP Input Bridge Board with two Sony IMX 214 high-speed MIPI D-PHY interface camera sensors
  • Standard image sensor connector for easy sensor exchange
  • ECP5 VIP Processor Board with ECP5-85 FPGA for optimized image signal processing
  • HDMI VIP Output Bridge Board for seamless connection to HD displays
  • On-board USB programming interface eliminates the need for external programming hardware
  • Includes dual MIPI CSI-2 to 1080p HDMI demo


Click on the interactive block diagram below to explore the Embedded Vision Development Kit:

Block Diagram Realtek Silicon Motion Silvertel Motion Control Trinamic Crosslink ECP5 HDMI AMD


Watch the video below for more information:




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