Lighting up the way with the Silvertel Ag201

Mar 13, 2018

Power over Ethernet offers an ideal solution to smart lighting applications. Read the article below by Silvertel about how they're paving the way for effective PoE lighting.


Ag201 skyclouds

There has been a growing and accelerating trend into distributing lighting power over low voltage DC circuits over the last few years. The trend is driven by the need to reduce the number of stages and locations of power conversion to improve efficiency and move to safer voltage levels in domestic and commercial electricity distribution. This is often done with POE combined with data circuits for control and management. Many of Silvertels POE customers have used our modules in this type of application already.

In this POE based topology, additional power circuitry is required to generate constant current outputs from the POE constant voltage outputs in order to drive the LED loads. This is both expensive and inherently inefficient. Enter the Ag201 to break the mold. Ag201 can be powered from anywhere in the DC voltage range from 12V up to 57V, so includes the typical POE range and also under the SELV limits. In addition, it is a single stage module for power conversion to constant current output. It offers a wide range DC voltage input with four values of programmable constant current output. Both industry standard DALI control, or simple analogue dimming can be used to control the module and therefore light level output. The module is packed with features in a small, easy to integrate SIL package and ultra versatile, with a huge ouput voltage range of 2 to 34V. Better yet, it has been designed with a buck-boost converter, so can output at lower or higher voltages than input. It can therefore be used in a wide range of lighting systems, with an even wider range of LED luminaires. Current levels of 350mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1A means one module can drive a range of LEDs, at a maximum output power of 24W per module. Unlike POE, which has to be deployed in a point to point star type network topology, Ag201 can be connected in daisy chain or other DC voltage distribution topologies simply and easily. Careful design means the module delivers its output current with no need for output electrolytic capacitors, meaning the module has an inherently long life compared to traditional LED ballasts which can fail after long exposure to typically high ambient temperatures.


All this and still delivered at Silvertels typically market competitive pricing and backed by our renowned Applications Support and industry leading quality. For more details contact Silvertel or your local distributor.





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