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Sep 12, 2018

The essential component of many applications in the Internet of Things is a sensor component. Sensors are the center of the incredible growth of IoT as they are key elements for gathering and outputting valuable data. The use of IoT is defined by features that can track our surroundings and react to it. Furthermore, sensors will enable connected devices to behave autonomously by being contextually aware of their environment and thus able to make their own intelligent decisions. As such, the quality of the sensors used in an IoT device is crucial to designing a quality, long-lasting product.

It is important to choose your sensors wisely. Because of the sensitivity of sensors and the value that comes from precise accuracy, a quality sensor can make all the different on how well your IoT device operates. More importantly, if the sensor can’t meet the standards of what is promised, then the design will fail.

InvenSense combines quality and value to provide the best sensors in the market. InvenSense is uniquely positioned as the leading provider of the MEMS inertial sensors, microphones, software algorithms, sensor development tool and platforms needed for the product creation and sensor integration in IoT connected devices.

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Popular Microphones

ICS-40730 Ultra-Low Noise Microphone with Differential Output

ICS-40618 High SNR Microphone with Differential Output and Low-Power Mode


Popular Motion Sensors

ICM-20602 High Performance 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking Device

ICM-20648 6-Axis MEMS MotionTracking Device w/ Enhanced EIS Support


Popular Pressure & Temperature

ICM-20789 High Performance 7-Axis MEMS Motion Sensor and Pressure Sensor Combo

ICP-10100 High Accuracy, Low Power, Waterproof Barometric Pressure and Temperature Sensor IC


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