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Jul 6, 2018


The Internet of Things is growing, and smart sectors are blooming all around us.

It’s not always about bringing technology that never existed. It’s possible that many of applications that IoT experts cite could already exist. However, it is the ability to implement them in a large scale in an affordable and easy-to-use form factor that matters most. Addressing the needs of our world is more than just the technology behind it – it is the availability of the technology to the masses.

Here are a few examples of how IoT is creating smart sectors for different applications:


Smart Health

  • IP addresses for organs
  • Sensors ingested like pills to measure vital signs
  • Pregnancy monitors worn like a smoker’s patch

Smart World

  • Toilets that can detect and predict public health issues
  • Sensors monitoring lake levels, temperatures and water quality
  • Sewage systems

Smart Households

  • Laundry machines that start up when electricity rates dip to the cheapest level of the day
  • Forks that warn us when we eat too fast
  • Security systems and motion detectors

Smart Energy

  • Smart electricity grids enabling utilities to adjust prices quickly and industries to sync production to low-cost periods
  • Detectors to spot gas leaks and monitor drilling equipment
  • Hydraulic fracturing rigs that know in advance when they need to change filters

Smart Cities

  • ATMs that can recognize a gunshot or cry of human distress.
  • Parking spots that know who’s parked in them
  • Stadiums that know when they’ve reached capacity

Smart Agriculture

  • Detectors of weather patterns
  • Sensors monitoring crops, soil acidity, irrigation systems, aquifer levels
  • Devices tracking heads of cattle

Smart Economy

  • Building monitors that reduce energy use
  • Escalators that move only when people step on them
  • Factory equipment synced internally and to suppliers and customers


What new ideas will you bring to life in the future of IoT?



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