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Nov 9, 2018


Each week, we'll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week's supplier is Aeris Communications, a global provider of IoT connectivity solutions.


Who is Aeris Communications?

Aeris is a global technology partner with a proven history of helping companies unlock the value of IoT. For more than a decade, they have powered critical projects for some of the most demanding customers of IoT services. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Aeris strives to fundamentally improve businesses by dramatically reducing costs, accelerating time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. Built from the ground up for IoT and road tested at scale, Aeris IoT Services are based on the broadest technology stack in the industry, spanning connectivity up to vertical solutions. As veterans of the industry, they know that implementing an IoT solution can be complex, and they pride themselves on making it simpler.


How are they different?

Aeris is an IoT solutions provider with a complete technology stack—from an online management portal to an application enablement platform. Their expertise with the technology and services needs of IoT / M2M helps improve your business dramatically by reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams.

Aeris’ multi-technology, multi-network connectivity solutions deliver maximum value by combining the benefits of 2G/3G/4G cellular connectivity with the benefits of non-cellular technologies, such as low power wide area networks (LPWA), Wi-Fi, and more. Aeris simplifies the complexity of these deployments with seamless connectivity management on the Aeris IoT Connectivity management platform, regardless of technology or underlying network.


What are their most popular products?

Aeris IoT Connectivity delivers flexible, next-generation connectivity and platform solutions. They use their platform to enable IoT connectivity to maximize the value and profitability of your application while they manage the underlying complexity. Aeris focuses on delivering not just network access, but specialized connectivity and platform solutions.

Aeris provides global 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks. Aeris seamlessly delivers connectivity in more than 190 countries, across more than 550 underlying carriers, all delivered on a single platform. Aeris cellular networks were built specifically for IoT, delivering increased performance, control, and visibility. The Aeris networks were built for 99.995% reliability, and customer tests prove that its reliability is unmatched in the IoT / M2M communications industry.

The Aeris IoT Connectivity offering is designed to provide unmatched flexibility by enabling seamless management of multi-technology deployments.


How do their products help your design?

Aeris Mobility IoT Platform

The Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP) is a cloud-based software solution for connecting to and managing the connected features of IoT devices. Built using a micro-services architecture, AMP is comprised of an extensive set of software services, packaged as Granular Entity Modules (GEMs), which are functional building blocks that can be combined in a multitude of configurations to create application-specific variations. The AMP power comes from its customizable ability to address multi-variant complexity.


Automotive IoT

The Aeris IoT Automotive Services delivery platform enables automakers to customize connected vehicle solutions in order to create a better driving and ownership experience. As a trusted and proven partner with more than a decade in the IoT sector, Aeris is the only suppler offering the complete technology stack for global services that can be completely tailored for specific needs. In fact, the Aeris platform consists of various technology layers that are modular so you can select only what you need and even incorporate your own connectivity technology or carrier / operator of your choice. Services include wireless connectivity; carrier management; call center enablement; a device management platform; business intelligence/data analytics and monetization processes; global reach; program delivery; hosting; security; and customer management.


Telematics IoT

The Aeris IoT Asset Management platform provides a complete solution – from connectivity to a device, data storage in the cloud, analytics and analysis of the data, to pre-built solution modules – thereby delivering OEMs a simple path to a branded solution. These building blocks, which include asset location, alerting, workflow, reporting, and social access, can be configured to meet specific OEM use cases.


Healthcare IoT

The Aeris IoT Services platform provides cellular connectivity and IoT solutions that enable medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers achieve the highest levels of patient engagement and medical adherence, with the lowest TCO, regardless of global location. The insights gained from an IoT solution enable new business models, market differentiation, operational efficiencies, and increased revenue generation.


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