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Aug 23, 2018

Each week, we'll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week's supplier is DSP Group, a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications.


Who is DSP Group?

DSP Group®, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications. Delivering semiconductor system solutions with software and hardware reference designs, DSP Group enables OEMs/ODMs, consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers and service providers to cost-effectively develop new revenue-generating products with fast time to market.

At the forefront of semiconductor innovation and operational excellence for over two decades, DSP Group provides a broad portfolio of wireless chipsets integrating DECT/CAT-iq, ULE, Wi-Fi, PSTN, HDClear™, video and VoIP technologies.

DSP Group enables converged voice, audio, video and data connectivity across diverse mobile, consumer and enterprise products – from mobile devices, connected multimedia screens, and home automation & security to cordless phones, VoIP systems, and home gateways. Leveraging industry-leading experience and expertise, DSP Group partners with CE manufacturers and service providers to shape the future of converged communications at home, office and on the go.


How are they different?

HDClear by DSP group is a revolutionary technology for eliminating background noise and enhancing voice quality. In mobile phones, wearable devices, PCs and tablets, HDClear suppresses background noise and promotes high speech intelligibility for unparalleled voice communications and user experience. HDClear also markedly enhances the accuracy and performance of automatic speech recognition (ASR) applications, voice commands and voice activation.

HDClear is an ideal solution for mobile and wearable devices, bringing a better user experience to voice communications, command and activation – all with ultra-low power consumption.

HDClear solutions include reference designs for the following applications:

  • Mobile phones
  • Wearable devices
  • Tablets
  • Cordless/Corded headsets


What are their most popular products?

The DBMD5 audio processor featured in the HDClear 3-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS is a completely autonomous, audio-centric processing solution that enables any microphone-equipped device to continuously monitor for voice trigger and process voice commands. It also supports advanced voice features that allow the device to facilitate voice calls. When integrated in smart speakers and IoT devices, the DBMD5 leverages its voice enhancement algorithms to achieve more effective isolation of voice from surrounding noise, providing effective voice gestures in almost any environment. 

Key benefits of the HDClear 3-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS include:

  • High-Performance Voice Enhancement Capabilities – sophisticated voice algorithms including acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, beamforming and far-field enhancement, significantly improve the user experience and the accuracy of voice commands, particularly in high-noise environments. Without these algorithms, devices with closely coupled speakers and microphones would be inadequate for voice functions.
  • Barge-In – enables detection of voice commands when audio, including music, is played by the device.
  • Seamless Operation with Amazon AVS – supports detection of Alexa wake word and integration of AVS SDK to ensure seamless operation with AVS.
  • Advanced Audio SoC – embedded programmable dual-core digital signal processor (DSP) supports digital and analog microphones and incorporates various application processor interfaces such as SPI, I2C, UART and SLIMbus.
  • Low-Power Consumption – power-optimized implementation for always-on IoT devices allows power-hungry application processors to remain in sleep mode during voice sensing, and enables battery-powered devices to access Alexa. Supports power consumption well below 1mA for Alexa wake-word detection.
  • Far-Field Enhancement – high performance using 3 mics, allowing flexibility for up to 360-degree voice coverage.
  • Local Detection of Alexa – enables low power detection and integration in IoT devices with small amounts of memory for wake-word detection.
  • Fast Time to Market – complete suite of host processor/communications processor/MCU software drivers enables rapid development.
  • Scalable – software configuration supports various types of smart speakers, wearable computing devices, smart home devices, remote controls, IoT devices and more, accommodating different requirements for microphones, speakers, audio flow toward the speaker(s), audio flow from the microphones, and acoustic designs.


How do their products help your design?

DSP Group enables OEMs/ODMs, consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers to cost-effectively develop new revenue-generating products with fast time-to-market, delivering semiconductor system solutions with software and hardware reference designs.

As a member of the TTI Semiconductor Group (TSG)., Symmetry Electronics specializes in wireless, IoT and video technologies, providing OEMs with a focused and curated line card. By adding DSP Group’s offering of low-power Digital Signal Processors (DSP), HDClear™, video and VoIP technologies, and wireless chipsets integrating DECT/CAT-iq, ULE, and Wi-Fi, Symmetry is fulfilling its commitment to its customers, providing a ready-to-ship inventory of high-quality video, audio, and wireless solutions.


Looking to integrate DSP Group products with your design? Our Applications Engineers offer free design and technical help for your latest designs. Contact us today!




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