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Jun 27, 2018

Each week, we'll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week's supplier is Embedded Antenna Design, a provider of multiband antenna solutions for telemetry and telematics applications.


Who is EAD?

EAD (Embedded Antenna Design Ltd) is an innovative and creative company specializing in the design and supply of multiband antenna solutions for telemetry and telematics applications. Their experience covers a wide range of antenna products from miniature handset antennas to wireless access point antennas and a variety of solutions in between. They also assemble a wide range of RF cabling, including custom-terminated low loss cables and a wide variety of pigtail/adapter cables made to order in-house.

EAD works with a network of distributors who offer product and support to their customers both in the UK and abroad. They are based on the Buckingham Industrial Park in Buckingham, approximately 60 miles North-West of London.


What are their most popular products?

Their product portfolio includes internal and external antennas designed to fit to a range of portable, mobile and fixed devices as well as an extensive range of antenna solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

EAD specialize in PCB antennas for M2M applications covering cellular, GSM, 3G and Wireless LAN applications and can offer standard, semi-custom and customized solutions.

They also supply low loss RF cabling, M2M adapter cables and a wide variety of pigtail cables with customized RF cables made to order in-house.

Their innovative range of RFID antennas are designed to complement UHF RFID readers.


How do their products help your design?

EAD offers a range of standard products in the GSM, Cellular, ISM, GPS and Wireless LAN frequency bands to reduce the time and cost of designing in custom antennas into wireless products and devices. Their products are deployed in applications using LTE, 4G, GPS/GLONASS, WiFi, VHF, UHF and many other wireless technologies.

Their antennas are designed for IoT, M2M, telematics, telemetry and monitoring applications using both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.


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