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Aug 10, 2018

Each week, we'll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week's supplier is RealTek, a leading fabless semiconductor company situated in Taiwan.


Who is RealTek?

Realtek Semiconductor Corp., located in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park — Taiwan's "Silicon Valley" — began with a small group of young, devoted engineers in 1987. Over three decades, these young founding engineers built Realtek into one of the world's largest and most successful IC design houses. Realtek's efforts to provide the ultimate in pioneering IC technology — along with its firm commitment to creating unique and innovative designs for a broad range of high-tech applications — have won the company a worldwide reputation and made possible a favorable and consistent growth rate in the years since its establishment. They attribute this achievement to Realtek's tradition of excellence.

They have positioned ourselves as designers and distributors of IC products developed through extensive research into market and customer needs. They recognize that the key to their success is in the value they provide to new technologies, products, applications, and markets. 

Employees are Realtek's most important asset, and as the pillars of a culture of confidence and trust, are recognized as the key to their success. Growing and optimistic individuals have demonstrated a positive impact on the company's growth. In line with the Realtek culture of "Self-confidence and trust in people", they believe that they can achieve their best, and trust their colleagues can also do the same. Working and learning in Realtek, they openly share knowledge and experience with one another to inspire innovation and pursue growth of the company, as well the individuals.


How are they different?

Advanced Core Technologies
- Analog and Mixed Signal Design
- Circuit Design and Process Expertise
- System Knowledge and IP

Technical competence is one of their greatest assets, and a primary reason for their emergence as one of the prime initiators of mainstream IT technology. In addition to participation in technical specification determination, they are often viewed as an industry benchmark and a catalyst for industry and technology trends.

Their capacity for technological innovation is exemplified by their extensive systems knowledge and system integration expertise. New product development of their highly integrated total solutions evolves with consideration of the entire system and fully utilizes their expertise in digital and analog mixed mode design and integration of key components, such as microcontrollers, DSP, RISC, PLL, RFIC and embedded memories. This technology allows them to achieve the primary development goal of system-on-a-chip, greatly increasing product efficiency.

Their expertise in system development and IC design is matched by their manufacturing knowledge and technologies, ensuring product quality and reliability.

Their commitment to innovation and quality has solidified their reputation for R&D and design expertise and for providing customers with the tools for success.

Product Development Directions and Vision

  1. Continued development of total customer solutions including hardware and software support, development tools, and technical services.
  2. On-going enhancement and broadening of core technologies, including embedded processors (RISC CPU, DSP, etc.), Memory, mixed-mode circuit design, RF technology, system know-how, and manufacturing process expertise.
  3. Enhancement of application capabilities, integrating audio, video, and communication system technology into System-on-a-Chip solutions.
  4. Development of high-speed broadband and wireless communication solutions, and high-resolution multimedia products, to achieve the convenience of ubiquitous information and entertainment.


What does RealTek specialize in?

Notable Realtek products include 10/100M Ethernet controllers (with a global market share of 70% as of 2003) and audio codecs (AC'97 and Intel HD Audio), where Realtek had a 50% market share in 2003 and a 60% market share in 2004, primarily concentrated in the integrated OEM on-board audio market-segment.[3] As of 2013 the ALC892 HD Audio codec and RTL8111 Gigabit Ethernet chip have become particular OEM favorites, offering low prices and basic feature-sets. RTL8139-based NICs are dubbed "crab cards" in Taiwan, alluding to the crab-like appearance of the Realtek logo.


How do their products help your design?


Realtek devotes itself to offering a comprehensive range of ICs of exceptional value for the communications network, computer peripheral, and multimedia markets. By its continued commitment to innovation, quality, and service, Realtek has successfully built trust with its customers.


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