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May 17, 2018

Each week, we’ll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week’s supplier is Silvertel, a manufacturer of low-cost electronic modules.

Who is Silvertel?

Power over Ethernet industry leader Silvertel is the true pioneer in PoE module technology.  With PSE and PD products currently at 12W, 30W, 60W, 100W and 200W, nearly every power requirement is covered.  Silvertel uses unique technology to provide modules at a cost equal to or lower than a discrete solution.  The combination of a tiny footprint and the convenience of being a drop-in module solution enables Silvertel to add value to almost any application.

Founded in 1997 and based in the UK, Silvertel specializes in developing and supplying electronic modules for many thousands of diverse customers around the world. Silvertel products are key components in applications including telecoms, datacoms, security systems and commercial electronic products. Their innovative product range includes Power over Ethernet, Telephony interfaces, LED driver modules, DC-DC converters, wireless chargers and battery charging controllers.


How are they different?

Their products are manufactured in very high volumes, well over a million modules every year, by UK based CEM’s using the latest high-speed surface mount technology. This along with their continuing innovation allows them to sell at low cost and in many cases undercut inferior Chinese manufactured products. Designing and manufacturing in the UK enables them to provide consistently exceptional high quality to help maintain an edge over our competition. As a long-standing member of ESTNet, Silvertel is continually striving to build on its strong history of export sales and growth and technical innovation, as evidenced again by their position as a finalist in the ESTNet exporter of the year awards in 2014.


What are their most popular products?

Silvertel Ag9700 for up to 12W

Silvertels’ Ag9700 series cost reduced PD modules are designed to extract power from a conventional twisted pair Category 5 Ethernet cable. These modules conform to the 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard. This total solution includes 1.5kV isolation, PoE signature and integral DC to DC converter. The standard unit provides a Class 0 signature.


Silvertel Ag9900 for up to 12W

The Ag9900 series PD modules push the boundaries of POE miniaturization further than ever before, yet still offers all the features expected from Silvertel’s POE. This is the smallest package size available that is designed to extract power from a Cat5 cable, fully conforming to the 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard and includes 1.5kV isolation, PoE signature and an integral DC to DC converter. The module provides a Class 0 signature.


Silvertel Ag5300 for up to 30W

The Ag5300 series are low-cost PoE+ modules, in a Single-In-Line (SIL) package, that can deliver up to 30 Watts of output power. Options for 12V DC (Ag5300) or 24V DC output (Ag5324) are available. The module signature complies with both the IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at specifications and it is designed to meet the safety isolation requirements of IEEE802.3at. The exceptionally small footprint and package size, make it ideal for space restricted applications such as IP Video Telephones, WiMAX access points, PTZ cameras and remote computer terminals. Ag5324 is well suited to building automation and industrial control applications requiring 24V with the ability of Ag5324 to operate over the industrial temperature range from -40 to +85C further extending its' versatility.


Silvertel Ag5800 (soon to be released) for up to 85W

Silvertels’ Ag5800 IEEE (draft) compliant PD module is designed for high power POE applications. Conforming to the latest IEEE802.3bt (Draft) Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard. Depending on cable length it can output up to 85W when supplied from an IEEE802.3bt PSE. This total solution includes 1.5kV of isolation, PoE signature and an integral DC to DC converter for 12 or 24V output.


How do their products help your design?

Silvertel products are used by the biggest names in electronics because of their long-standing reliability and module quality. The customer base speaks for itself!

Reasons to use a Silvertel module:

  • Saves PCB space.
  • Easy to use, without requiring loads of extra components
  • High-quality modules, guaranteed. All modules are made in the UK and are 100% tested by the manufacturer.
  • Quicker time to market
  • Excellent support from the applications team
  • Saves Cost


Looking to integrate Silvertel products with your design? Our Applications Engineers offer free design and technical help for your latest designs. Contact us today!




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