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Nov 15, 2018


Each week, we'll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week's supplier is Trinamic, a global provider of embedded motor and motion control solutions.


Who is Trinamic Motion Control?

Trinamic is the global leader in embedded motor and motion control. Their brand has become synonymous with precision, reliability, and efficiency.

By approaching power-electronics design as building blocks - a microcontroller that accepts digital processing, a driver transforming digital signals into electrical power, and a driver that consists of the gate driver and power switches - we've simplified the development process, increasing both the reliability and quality of the results.

Embodying decades of engineering experience in each of their products, their ICs and microsystems connect the digital and physical worlds together.


How are they different?

The trend towards automating all aspects of the human environment has resulted in an explosion in the deployment of controlled motion systems. Small motors have become ubiquitous. Product developers must deal with increasingly complex systems and can no longer be experts in all aspects of the underlying technology.

Trinamic addresses this issue through an API-based approach that reduces time-to-market, saves money and ultimately delivers better products with superior performance.

The software API is part of the Technology Access Package (TTAP), a comprehensive collection of technical support information and tools for TRINAMIC’s chip and module solutions.

Trinamic is an established player with a range of products serving multiple markets. Their products are designed for laboratory and factory automation, semiconductor manufacturing, textiles, robotics, ATMs and vending machines, among others. Wherever reliable positioning is required, Trinamic is your first choice.

Their latest products set the performance standard for high-growth, emerging markets like 3D printing, medical pumps and liquid handling.


What are their most popular products?

Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits (ICs) or microchips are integrated at board-level and perfect for high-volume projects and flexible system architectures.



System-on-Modules (SoM) are integrated at the system-level and designed for small to mid-sized projects and rapid time-to-market.


Motors & Drives

Performance-optimized stepper and BLDC motors can be used as single parts or can be bundled with electronics as ready-to-run PANdrives.


How do their products help your design?


Motion control is the part of automation that handles moving parts of machines in a deliberate and controlled manner. The primary components of a motion control system are the motion controller and the energy amplifier or driver. Motion control is either open- or closed-loop. In open-loop systems, the motion controller sends commands to the amplifier without knowing if the desired motion was achieved. Closed-loop systems include feedback from the actuator to compensate for errors.

Every application is different. To achieve the best solution, different kinds of system architectures are available. The Trinamic Motion Control Architecture enables engineers to fit their solution perfectly to their requirements. They can build up a system from scratch, based on ICs and motors, or choose system-level components like modules or ready-to-run PAN drives.

Trinamic provides common motion control technologies like ramp-generation, microstepping or closed-loop operation with unique features that improve accuracy and smoothness of operation.


Looking to integrate Trinamic products with your design? Our Applications Engineers offer free design and technical help for your latest designs. Contact us today!




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