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Aug 2, 2018

Each week, we'll be showcasing one of our suppliers from our line card and what distinguishes them from the competition. This week's supplier is iC-Haus, a leading manufacturer of standard iCs (ASSP) and customized ASiC semiconductor solutions.


Who is iC-Haus?

The company has been active in the design, production and sales of application-specific iCs for industrial, automotive and medical technology since 1984 and is represented worldwide. The iC-Haus cell libraries in CMOS, bipolar, and BCD technologies are fully equipped to realize the design of sensor, laser/opto, and actuator ASiCs. 

The iCs are assembled either in standard plastic packages or using chip-on-board technology to manufacture complete microsystems, multichip modules and optoBGA™, the latter in conjunction with sensors.

iC-Haus develops and manufactures application-specific standard products (ASSPs), application-specific integrated circuits (ASiCs) and is a leading specialist for monolithic mixed-signal circuits and microsystems. Their wafer backend, chip-assembly- and test-facilities are located in Bodenheim near Frankfurt in the center of Europe. Their subcontracted wafer foundries and assemblers are situated all over the world and assure reliable, second sourced products and deliveries. Quality engineering has been established in international standards, such as ISO9001. iC-Haus products are authorized for industrial, medical, and automotive use and follow FMEA methods and safety requirements.

As a specialist for mixed-signal integrated circuits and system-on-chip solutions, iC-Haus has been designing and manufacturing application-specific standard products (ASSPs) and custom ASICs for more than 30 years. They supply industrial, medical, and automotive applications with innovative, reliable, and FMEA-approved integrated circuits and microsystems.


What does iC-Haus specialize in?

Their range of technologies covers high voltage, linear bipolar, high density and analog CMOS and power BCD processes. With optional opto-layers they have created OPTO-ASiCs, monolithic microsystems which have integrated sensors. Assembly is performed in standard plastic packages and for the OPTO and power ICs in the Chip-On-Board/Flex and Flip-Chip technique. Packaging can be customized, e.g. with multi-chip-modules; furthermore, the chip layout and circuit topology is tailored to customer's individual requirements, resulting in exclusive ASiCs from iC-Haus.

iC-Hause also offers in-house services to assist customers with their design needs. iC-Haus offers test service for sensors, MST and MEMs. Microsystems as Chip-On-Board units with sensors (eg. optical and magnetic) can be tested using special automated handling equipment.

The strong growth of microsystems with their many functions and mounting forms makes innovative demands on test handling. A thorough function test requires flexibility for an automated process to cover not only electrical parameters but also other physical properties.

By employment of the MST handler "Leonardo" from ic-automation iC-Haus offers a flexible test facility for fully automated handling and testing of electrical and physical microsystem parameters through stimulation by light, magnetic fields, acceleration, pressure, temperature etc.


How do their products help your design?

Industrial I/O


iC-Haus Solution


24 V I/O Port / 24V Input

I/O iCs / iC-HC


24 V Output Driver / Level Shifter

Output Stages


24 V RS422 Line Driver / Encoder Link

Line Driver / Encoder Link


IO-Link Transceiver / BiSS / SSI Interface

iC-GF / iC-MB4


Solenoid Valve + Relay Driver / Bistable Relay Driver

Relay DriveriC-DY6818


ABZ Quadratur Interface / Sine/Cosine Interface

iC-MD / iC-MR


Medical System


iC-Haus Solution


Medical Diode Laser (LLLT / Softlaser / Acupuncture)

Laser Driver


Medical Valve

iC-GE / iC-GE100


Centrifuge Motor Control

iC-MH8 / iC-MH16

Motion Control


iC-Haus Solution


Optical Position Encoder / Encoder blue®

Optical Encoder / Encoder blue®


Magnetic Position Encoder / Multiturn Encoder

Magnetic Encoder / iC-PV / iC-PMX


Sine/Cosine Interpolation

Signal Conditioning / Interpolators


UVW Motor Commutation (Optical / Magnetic)

iC-LTA / iC-PT H-Series / iC-MH8 / iC-MH16


ABZ Position Counting / Quadrature Encoder Interface





iC-Haus Solution


Safety Light Barrier / Curtain (Single / Multi Beam)

Safety Light Curtain


Fail-Safe FET Driver



Safety Signal Driver



Encoder Safety Monitor

iC-RC1000 / iC-MR


Sensor Systems


iC-Haus Solution


Optical Image Sensor

Optical Sensors


Optical Triangulation Position Sensor



Magnetic Speed Sensor



Magnetic Linear / Rotary Position Sensor

Magnetic Sensors / iC-MU / iC-MHL200


Sensor Signal Conditioning (SSC)

Signal Conditioning


IO-Link Transceiver (Single / Dual)

iC-DXC / iC-GF


NPN / PNP / PP Sensor Output

Output Stages


Analog / Digital Sensor Power Supply



MEMS Pressure / Flow / Gas Sensor



Laser Systems


iC-Haus Solution


Laser Diode Driver Module / Embedded Laser Diode Driver

Laser Driver / iC-HT / iC-HTP


RGB Laser Diode Driver Module / LIDAR / TOF



Optical Laser Measurement Tools

Tools iC149/212/213/249


Lighting Modules


iC-Haus Solution


Car / Laser TV / Laser Projection or LED Lighting



Optical Encoder LED



Looking to integrate iC-Haus products with your design? Our Applications Engineers offer free design and technical help for your latest designs. Contact us today!




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