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Jul 16, 2018

There is nothing hotter in the market than the Internet of Things. It covers so many industries, so many applications, and can enhance just about any existing device. Manufacturers have the opportunity to not just create new technology never before seen, but revise all old technology to be retrofitted for the future. The best things about the Internet of Things is that it incorporates a form of technology that has been developed and improved upon for decades: wireless connectivity. This is not a technology that will fade away anytime soon, and the Internet of Things is no fad.

No doubt there is a very large market for IoT applications, but while much of the attention in electronics is focused on the power and technicality of the most prominent technologies – wireless protocols, antennas, video, tracking, sensors, etc. – one of the often-overlooked technologies could dramatically increase the performance of any IoT device.

The technology I’m talking about is the humble switching regulator, and there are many reasons RECOM’s mainstay product, the R-78S series, is a new switching regulator for a new generation. This is a power component optimized specifically for IoT systems and combines the reliable technology RECOM has been known for with the specifications required for optimal IoT performance.


So what makes RECOM’s R-78S better for IoT?

Consider the emphasize of power consumption placed on battery-operated IoT devices. The right power module is one that is highly efficient with power usage and can squeeze every last bit of energy from the power source.

For this reason, RECOM’s R-78S shines as the sole frontrunner for best managing battery-operated IoT power. The very high efficiency and low standby consumption can be used to extend battery lifetimes until the „last gasp“ to get the maximum available energy out of the cell.



About the R-78S Series

The R-78S is a DC/DC boost converter designed to run from single cell batteries. The input voltage range of 0.65V-3.3V means that alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, zinc-carbon or lithium chemistry cells can be used to generate a stable 1.8V, 3.3V or 3.6V output to power microprocessors, WLAN/Bluetooth modules and IoT systems. This output can power microprocessors, WLAN/Bluetooth® modules, and low power Internet of Things (IoT) systems. R-78S also provides high efficiency (93%) and low standby consumption (7µA input current in standby), extending battery lifetimes. The wide operating temperature of -40°C to +100°C, short circuit protection, OTP, Class A EMC and 3-year warranty round off this high performance converter.

  • Boost converter
  • Efficiency 93% , >80% with 10% load
  • Input range down to 0.65V
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • 7μA input current in standby
  • -40°C to +100°C operation
  • IEC/EN62368-1 certified, CB report


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