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Oct 3, 2018

Waterproof devices always provide a peace of mind that their non-waterproof equivalents do not. When waterproof smartphones finally arrived, many owners no longer had to worry about losing their devices to the elements, especially during emergencies, when communication is most important.

The same benefit goes for waterproof antennas. Device exposed to the environments are always at risk of malfunction due to water exposure, but waterproofing the device can improve the confidence of the product’s reliability, which can go a long way with customer trust.

For this reason, Embedded Antenna Design recently made a major announcement on the pending arrival of the WTS7270 antenna – a waterproof (to IP66) fixed straight blade antenna with SMA-Male. Based on a similar design to the WTR7270 antenna, the WTS supports 700-2700 MHz LTE applications with similar RF performance to the WTR7270.

Ideal for outdoor terminals including security, CCTV, monitoring, telemetry and access applications, the WTS7270 is suitable for customers looking for vertically mounted LTE antennas.

The WTS7270 antenna should commercially available by the end of October 2018. Meanwhile, samples are available for engineers looking to incorporate a waterproof LTE antenna into their design.

If interested, contact Symmetry’s team of Application Engineers to help you improve the reliability of your application in the elements.


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