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Nov 20, 2018

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to engineers if the only features of a product that had to be developed were the ones that needed development? Designing is hard work as is - creating a cutting-edge product is even harder. Developing basic functionality from scratch? Who has time for that?

When the focus of a design is on a specific feature, having to design and program other parts of the device can really get in the way of the main goal of the product. Engineers are not expected to build the MCU or the power module of a product; they only need to configure how it connects to the intended functionality in question.

So why should Wi-Fi and Bluetooth be any different? Often times, wireless doesn’t need to be a unique, proprietary affair. It just needs to deliver excellent performance, so the product can operate as intended. Even the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies can be handled by experts in the field when sourced from outside the team.


With this perspective, adding wireless to a design has never been easier. Silicon Labs recently released their new Wireless Xpress Solutions for quick and easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth deployment.

Don’t spend significant resources and expertise on developing wireless connectivity to your product. Silicon Lab’s Wireless Xpress features a configuration-based development experience that helps designers reduce complexity and time-to-market for their products.


Get in, connect, and prototype your application in hours

Wireless development is hard to come by, and IoT companies often need to outsource the development, an extremely costly and time-intensive process that slows down time to market. Wireless Xpress removes the need for wireless development.

View the Technology Spotlight page for more information on the Silicon Labs Wireless Xpress!



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