What's the Lattice CrossLink and What VR Solutions Does It Offer?

Jun 2, 2017


The Lattice CrossLink is a (FPGA) field-programmable gate array video bridging device which supports many protocols and interfaces. To simplify, the CrossLink is a chip designed for certain applications. It provides a bridge solution for mobile image sensors and displays. Whether you have a cell phone, a camera, watch or VR headset, all can be bridged into one signal. Many applications, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and digital cameras, require expansion of the number of display interfaces on applications processors. 

The CrossLink solves this problem of multiple inputs and by giving embedded cameras and displays the right number of interfaces and allowing multiple devices to merge and arbitrate to one single input. Additionally, the CrossLink offers many pre-engineered IP (Intellectual Property) modules. By using these configurable soft core IPs as standardized blocks, designers can concentrate on the unique aspects of their design, increasing their productivity.

If the chip were cut in half, one would be the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and the other half would be the programmable ASSP (pASSP) IP. Lattice's advantage is in leveraging new IP and development platforms. Lattice gives design engineers more solutions for a greater variety of bridging applications. The Lattice pASSP IP's give an engineer more flexibility, faster time to market and the power and functional optimization of an ASSP.

Click here to learn more about Lattice's pASSP IP's. 

The CrossLink device’s features include:

  • World’s fastest MIPI® D-PHY bridging device that delivers up to 4K UHD resolution at 12 Gbps bandwidth.
  • Supports popular mobile, camera, display and legacy interfaces such as MIPI D-PHY, MIPI CSI-2, MIPI DSI, MIPI DPI, CMOS, and SubLVDS, LVDS and more.
  • Industry’s smallest package size with a 6 mm2 option.
  • Lowest power programmable bridging solution in active mode.
  • Built-in sleep mode.
  • Takes the strongest features from ASSPs and FPGAs to deliver the best solution of both worlds.

Click here to download the CrossLink data sheet.

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