10 Fun Facts About Symmetry Electronics

May 29, 2017

#1 - Circa 1998, we have history!

Symmetry Electronics was founded in 1998 and has evolved into an industry leading distributor over the past several years and you can find us quickly climbing the charts on the “Top 50 Distributors” list each year. With an ever expanding linecard, Symmetry remains focused on innovation, sales, unmatched technical support and meeting the needs of the engineering community as the IoT moves into the future. When it comes to distribution, we have been there, we have done that, and we will be there and will do whatever IoT takes moving forward.
#2 - We are wherever you need us!
Our headquarter office is in Los Angeles, CA (ask Stephan for all of the LA hot spots) but here is a list of locations where our dedicated sales teams are located and ready to help you with your design needs:
  • Orlando, FL
  • Dallas, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • Newark, NJ
  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Irvine, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Denver, CO
  • Boston, MA
  • New York, NY
  • San Jose, CA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Los Angeles, CA

#3 - Looking for a dev kit deal, we have you covered!

Looking for the latest development and evaluation tools to get started on your next design? Great, we have committed to suppling the best selling dev/eval kits in the industry and constantly run promotions to eliminate the issues of cost to get the tools needed into the hands of our customers. Want proof? Check out our latest promotion, the Lattice Semiconductor ECP5-5G Versa Kit for $99.00!

#4 - Ship it, ship it good!

One of the many perks of our corporate headquarter location in LA, aside from being minutes from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches enjoyable year round, is our close proximity to Los Angeles International Airport. Our warehouse team works diligently to make sure orders placed either over the phone, through email, in person or via our eCommerce website, are properly packed and shipped out the same day from LAX.

#5 - Continuing education!

Understanding the needs and requirements of each customer is very important to everyone on the Symmetry team. With the exception of a few, nearly every single Symmetry Electronics team member is encouraged to attend supplier trainings and seminars. We’ve considered making it a requirement, but everyone attends on their own! Whether it be the inside sales team in Boston, a TME in Silicon Valley, the Marketing guys down in LA, etc., everyone at Symmetry makes time to attend as many educational events as possible. This allows us, as a unified organization, to be well informed and one step ahead of the ever evolving industry, and creates a cohesive sales and support environment unlike that of any other distributor.

#6 - Out on the town, we get around!

What was the last industry event you attended? Chances are, someone from Symmetry was there walking the floor or pulling suppliers and customers together in our show-stopping booth. Over the years we have racked up the miles making sure to shake hands wherever our customers are. Just to name a few, you may have seen us at: ESC, Sensors Expo, CES, E3, IoT DevCon, HWTrek Innovators Expo and many more.

#7 - We treat customers like family, because we are a family!

Over the years, the Symmetry team has expanded to include multiple domestic/international locations supported by an expansive team with 1,000s of engineering contacts and resources. At the heart of our business is a core of founders that have been a part of the company and its daily operations since day one. When we are not hard at work supporting designs, you can find the Symmetry family enjoying company events such as golf outings, incredibly well orchestrated cookouts (special thanks to Jeff!) and countless other events that help bring us together as a group you can count on to treat you like family. Want to learn more about us? Check out our “Meet-A-Chip” interview series on our blog or follow us on LinkedIn.

#8 - Heavy hitters, our line card packs a punch!

What are you working on? Is it a design that requires BLE, Wi-Fi, 4G, ZigBee, GPS, Iridium, RTLS, PoE, high end graphics, advanced gas/light/motion sensors? We have that and much more from companies including: Telit Wireless Solutions, AMD, Lattice Semiconductor, Aeris, Silvertel, Silicon Labs, NimbeLink, Fujitsu, MultiTech, Realtek, MediaTek, Digi International, GainSpan, Lantronix, Nordic and the list continues to grow… Click here to view our current linecard.

#9 - We understand the importance of giving back!

The designs we support sometimes lead to fun and entertaining products such as gaming and VR devices. We support countless designs that help protect and improve the lives of people everywhere through applications used in medical, security and smart energy devices. But Symmetry is also community oriented and has always taken time to support various charity events and organizations such as the Richstone Foundation which helps families in need around the holidays. We also locked arms on the lawn to soak each other with buckets of ice and have, since that day, been looking forward to the 'warm blanket by the fire' challenge. Except for Oren, our CTO... he would be more than happy to fill those ice buckets on a daily basis!

#10 - Last on our list but always first on our minds, you the engineer, and your challenges!

We haven’t gone out and signed every line under the sun. We don’t have a 3rd party call center that pushes you from one “department” to another. We don’t start conversations with “what is your budget for this project?”. Instead, we harness the positive approach outlined in numbers 1-9 on our list to make sure your experience with Symmetry Electronics is simple, secure and most importantly, satisfying. Whether you buy online through our award winning eCommerce site, call and have the phone answered by the same person that will be with you every step of the way, explore your options over coffee with a field rep from the comfort of your own office or hop on a conference call with factory support that is organized and lead by a Symmetry TME, you will find that working with Symmetry is an experience you will not have with any other distributor. We are not here FOR you, we are here WITH you and very much look forward to helping you bring your designs to market.

Contact Symmetry Electronics at 866-506-8829, email us or start a live chat and we'll be glad to help you with your projects!


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