From Digi: "Accelerate With Digi for IoT Connectivity"

Feb 2, 2019

As a leading cellular LTE and networking solutions provider, we were thrilled to acquire Accelerated Concepts, a provider of secure, enterprise-grade, cellular (LTE) networking equipment for primary and backup connectivity applications, back in January 2018. Since welcoming the team over the past year, this newly united environment has significantly increased market reach, enhanced our technology base, and continued to deliver cellular business continuity for OEMs and commercial customers. For example, in February on 2018 Accelerated A Digi Company, launched the new Accelerated 6310-DX LTE business router, now formally renamed the Digi 6310-DX, to help reduce network downtime.





In the Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise continuity marketplace, it is imperative that cellular (LTE) networking equipment provides the backbone for failover and IoT solutions. Since both Digi and Accelerated focus on ease of use, security and rapid time-to-market design principles – the same level of service and product quality will be delivered, but at a better and faster rate as a unified brand. Currently, our teams are working on an updated version of Digi Remote Manager® to launch this summer. This version will have enhanced usability and features and will support both Digi and Accelerated products.

To build on this momentum and success, we will complete the next step of the integration by operating under a single brand. Moving forward all former Accelerated products will carry the Digi brand. Stay tuned for new unified product pages, unboxing videos, and additional whitepapers on for updates on our new product mix, technology portfolio, and service capability. In addition, all Accelerated, A Digi company, social platforms will transition all future updates from the Digi corporate accounts to further unify these brands on social. Be sure to follow the Digi International accounts listed below for real-time information and product announcements:




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