From Digi: "Four Ways to Demonstrate the Value of Hardware Enabled, Software Defined Technology at #CES2019"

Feb 14, 2019

The business of consumer technologies touches nearly every part of our lives from business, work, health, and life which is why CES is the largest meeting place for innovators, business leaders, and thinkers to share insights, discuss trending topics, and demonstrate how new technology is shaping the future. CES represents all parts of the consumer technology industry from smart cities and smart homes, to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Intelligence. Below are four value driven IoT demonstrations that combine both hardware enabled and software technologies:

Interactive Artificial Intelligence

As companies focus more attention on web-based and mobile interactions with customers, it’s easy to lose sight of the need for high-quality customer-facing interactions. Instead of boring talking head video, Prsonas ties together a range of innovative technology to create smart virtual presenters using artificial intelligence and computer-generated visual technologies to interact with customers and gather valuable user analytics in the physical world. The hologram leverages cellular connectivity provided by the Digi TransPort WR11 XT Cellular Router, eliminating the need to comply with the security policies, firewalls, and other protocols associated with on-premise Wi-Fi networks.



Workplace Wearables

Each day in workplace settings across numerous industries, workers are constantly putting their bodies at risk by improperly lifting, twisting, and turning. The fact is,  incorrect posture and motion, can lead to back injuries, strains and sprains. These are the most frequent and costliest injuries in industrial workplaces, as they have enormous impact on worker productivity and workplace injury claims.

The REFLEX hip-mounted device detects poor posture that can cause injuries, provides workers with feedback and delivers aggregated statistics to managers on employee compliance and sources of risk. At the heart of the Kinetic REFLEX solution is our Digi ConnectCore 6, a compact and versatile single board computer (SBC).

Kinetic works with customers in the manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, construction, energy, and public-safety sectors. Companies that have piloted with Kinetic have reduced unsafe postures by 34 to 84 percent, which means workers are safer on the job, and less likely to experience injuries.



Smart Cities

ThingLogix and Digi have developed a demonstration highlighting The critical infrastructure of a smart building be connected, depends on the right IoT platform. ThingLogix joins us to demonstrate smarties applications such as lighting, temperature, HVAC, water leak detection, and door lock monitoring using Foundry from ThingLogix™ featuring Digi technology. All smart city applications will have auto-provisioning of devices, alerts and alarms, dashboards, and a VR scene.

Digital Health

Beyond fitness and wearables, it is important to understand how digital health is combining the Internet of Things and cloud connectivity to not only improve our overall health but how it can also save lives. The concept of implementing a rapid response system (RRS) for large scale emergencies such as a natural disaster and the emergency medical relief/treatment response center can be highlighted using Digi ConnectCore® 6UL SBC PRO and Digi XBee3® Cellular.

This live demonstration is based on continuous monitoring of patient vital signs that will help medical staff to treat patients more efficiently while enabling quick response to address failure to rescue events. The general concept is also applicable to monitor non-hospitalized patients at home or patients in hospitals waiting to be admitted in urgent care.

These real life applications will be demonstrated in Booth #2215 at CES 2019 in the IoT Infrastructure Pavilion inside the Westgate Hotel located in Tech East area of the show. Talk with the customers behind the applications and meet the Digi technology experts as well.




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