From MediaTek: "Get DTS:X first on MediaTek Smart TVs"

Mar 12, 2019

Xperi and MediaTek are bringing the latest DTS:X standard to MediaTek powered smart TVs in the second half of 2019. The new DTS:X TV solution is an efficient DTS decoder designed for entry/mainstream smart TVs, and is backward compatible with all DTS-encoded content, including DTS:X and DTS-HD Master Audio Blu-ray Discs, or content piped via HDMI, USB or OTT streaming services. As a result it brings premium home entertainment experiences to a wide audience.

The technology also features a new, highly-efficient DTS:X immersive streaming decoder that’s designed for OTT services. The IMAX® Enhanced program has chosen this codec for its 4K IMAX Enhanced movies; and the 2020 IMAX Enhanced program has been adopted in the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) spec for Europe.

Smart TVs featuring DTS:X audio include a DTS:X transcoder capable of outputting DTS core over S/PDIF and ARC (audio return channel), enabling it to output a DTS:X lossless bitstream via enhanced audio return channel (eARC) to connected devices such as DTS:X-enabled A/V receivers or sound bars, to achieve seamless DTS audio through a home entertainment ecosystem.

Together with new DTS:X support, MediaTek smart TV solutions offer a wealth of leading technologies such as our cutting-edge video processing and PQ (picture quality) engine that offers a vivid, immersive viewing and listening experience across a wide range of home entertainment.

Look out for DTS:X enabled smart TVs in the second half of 2019!




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