From Mediatek: The powerful i700 will drive a new wave of AI-infused IoT devices

Aug 13, 2019

As the IoT industry is rapidly changing and IoT devices are becoming more than just simple reporting and action tools to heavy-lifting data processors, the MediaTek i700 platform is designed to meet the needs new cutting-edge IoT applications that demand raising the bar of 'smarts' in either homes, cities, buildings, warehousing, logistics and manufacturing.

With its significant edge-AI capability, the i700 platform is ideal for new applications such as automated retail stores with facial recognition payment mechanisms, or smart buildings with facial access control for streamlining secure entry points for employees. In warehousing, in conjunction with its support for multiple high resolution cameras and an integrated depth engine, it can be used as the backbone for scenario awareness and obstacle detection systems in automated forklifts. The 3D human pose detection functionality could enables novel apps such as fitness coaching services, for example.

The application potential is vast because of its impressive AI engine that comprises of a multi-core, multi-threaded AI Processor, AI Accelerator and AI Face Detection Engine, all rolled into one unit. Combined, the powerful new CPU and GPU components, the i700 platform performs AI computations up to 5X faster the i500 platform and with the latest Android OS' is capable of fast and fluid multitasking.

In addition, the i700 includes fast Wi-Fi 5 and low-energy Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, as well as an integrated 4G LTE Cat-12 modem, allowing devices to be portable, or fitted in remote areas beyond Wi-Fi connectivity.



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