From MultiTech: "MultiTech Introduces Global LTE Category M1/NB-IoT Industrial Router"

Mar 19, 2019

Extended Coverage Options and 2G Fallback, Where Available, Simplify Supply Chain and Logistics With a Single SKU for Global IoT Deployments

Joins Award-Winning Family of MultiConnect rCell 100 Routers


Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of M2M and IoT communication solutions, today announced the latest addition to its compact, intelligent, full-featured MultiConnect® rCell 100 series of cellular routers. The newest models support both LTE Category M1 and NB-IoT around the world with 2G fallback, where available, for global deployments.

The MultiConnect rCell 100 series is now available with your choice of cellular technology from 2G and 3G to 4G-LTE and cellular LPWA – providing a broad device selection to tailor solutions to specific application needs. The latest global models provide all the benefits of the rest of the family, including Ethernet or serial connectors; enhanced security protocols; an intuitive user interface for easy configuration and deployment, and included DeviceHQ® cloud-based device management for over-the-air firmware updates, as needed.

“With all its many benefits, LTE, with its 60+ supported bands deployed variously in different geographies, introduced a level of complexity, forcing supply chain managers overseeing global enterprises to manage multiple devices and part numbers in order to support worldwide IoT deployments,” said Duane Wald, Vice President and Managing Director for EMEA and APAC at MultiTech. “These new models significantly reduce that burden by providing worldwide connectivity with a single part number. Pairing that simplicity with the cost-effective and power-efficient profiles of cellular LPWA creates significant value while optimizing total cost of ownership.”

The MultiConnect rCell 100 series is intended for use in settings such as remotely monitoring solar micro-inverters, tanks, pipelines, meters, pumps and valves in any energy, utility, or industrial application. It has also been successfully deployed by professionals in electric vehicle charging, emergency services, vending, remote patient monitoring, renewable energy systems, process automation and mobile applications (truck, rail, and boat).




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