From Murata: Digital panel meters for industrial applications deliver high accuracy and increased design flexibility

Sep 29, 2019

Murata today introduced its DMS01 Series large format digital panel meters from Murata Power Solutions developed for factory automation, laboratory instrumentation, and other industrial applications. The product line offers both process voltage and current measurement functions across a broad range. The meters also provide bright, 25.4mm tall LED displays that are readable up to 24 meters and proffer adjustable display brightness and digital noise filtering.

Measuring 149.2mm (width) x 85.4mm (height), the DMS01 Series was developed specifically to fit into a 136.5mm x 57.5mm space and can be affixed by adhesive tape or screws. Besides the one-inch display and brightness control, other features include unipolar and bipolar modes and wide common-code input range to further design flexibility. Additionally, offset and scale adjustment and factory calibration ensure the unsurpassed accuracy levels.

“Murata leveraged its proprietary architecture expertise, component selection and, package design, in the development of the new DMS01 Series. This combination enables the highest performing and reliable large format panel meters in the industry, at a lower price point,” said Bill Smith, Director – Product Line Management, Murata Power Solutions.

Product Datasheet Links

Digital Voltage-Input Process Meter Datasheet

Digital DC Voltmeter

Digital DC Shunt Ammeter

Digital Current-Loop Process Meter




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