From NimbeLink: "NimbeLink Tracking Device Extends Geoforce Field Asset Tracking To Indoors"

Apr 1, 2019

NimbeLink, a leading provider of cellular IoT solutions and services, announced today that Geoforce, a global provider of field asset tracking solutions, has integrated NimbeLink’s tracking device into its Track and Trace software platform.

Branded the Geoforce AT1 and available for customer deployment immediately, the dust and water resistant device offers up to a five year battery life while providing scheduled reporting whether the tracked asset is indoors or out. When paired with the Track and Trace application, the device helps operators in oil & gasconstructionlogistics, and other field intensive industries monitor location, movement, and status of non-powered assets like containers, bins, trailers, and heavy equipment.

“After rigorous evaluation, we selected the NimbeLink solution for its low cost, simplicity, scalability, and indoor capabilities,” said Gary Naden, CTO of Geoforce. “By leveraging low-power LTE-M IoT cellular networks from Verizon and AT&T, the AT1expands our offerings in truly innovative ways, including multiple reporting rate plans with competitive pricing.”

“With the world’s largest network of connected oil & gas equipment and a strong footprint in other industrial markets, Geoforce is the undisputed leader in off-road non-powered equipment tracking,” said David Houghton, GM – Asset Tracking Solutions of NimbeLink. “We are excited to partner with Geoforce to expand their leadership even further.”




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