From Silicon Labs: New key negotiation protocol vulnerability detected for Bluetooth BR/EDR (Classic) products

Oct 27, 2019

Last week, the Bluetooth SIG announced to its members an update about security vulnerability related to the encryption key negotiation protocols. According to the SIG, researchers of SUTD, CISPA and Oxford University identified a vulnerability with the encryption key negotiation protocol of Bluetooth BR/EDR. The attack makes it possible for a third party to make the victims to agree on an encryption key with only 1 byte (8 bits) of entropy, which then enables the attacker to brute force the negotiated encryption keys, decrypt the eavesdropped ciphertext, and inject valid encrypted messages in real-time. The attack is standard-compliant because all Bluetooth BR/EDR versions require to support encryption keys with entropy between 1 and 16 bytes and do not secure the key negotiation protocol. (More information about the details of the attack for example here

Our Wireless Gecko Bluetooth products (Blue Gecko) and BLE112, BLE113, BLE113, BLE121LR and BLED112 module products are not affected by this issue because they are based on Bluetooth LE core specification which does not have this vulnerability.

Our Bluetooth BR/EDR (BT Classic) products, which include the WT12, WT11u, WT41u, WT32, WT32i, BT111 and BT121 modules, are vulnerable to this issue. We plan to release a patches which protect against this vulnerability during October 2019




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