From Silvertel: 60W PoE made easy: Silvertel launch IEEE802.3bt Power over Ethernet Module for the Powered Device

Dec 3, 2019

Aimed at developers of Ethernet equipment requiring up to 60W of power, such as LED lighting, PTZ cameras, WiMAX access points, door entry systems, digital signage and thin client terminals, Ag5810 provides a low cost drop-in IEEE802.3bt solution.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, this latest product from Silvertel rounds off their IEEE802.3bt range which includes the Ag6800: a 97W PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) module; and the Ag5800: a PD module capable of delivering 85W.


Ag5810 is a Type 4 - Class 7 PD, which provides 60W of power by displaying the correct class pulses to a IEEE802.3bt PSE.  A complete high efficiency DC-DC converter is included, that generates a nominal 12V or 24V output, which can be programmed down to 11V, or up to 30V, this is especially useful for applications requiring the inclusion of battery chargers.


Additional features include 1500V isolation (input to output), overload, short-circuit and thermal protection.


Requiring just a few low cost external components, Silvertel has provided another product which is low cost, easy to use, and occupies a minimum of PCB real estate.  Ag5810 evaluation boards are also available, as well as a range of application notes, backed by Silvertel’s class-leading technical support team.


Ag5810 supplements Silvertel's extensive offering of Power over Ethernet products for both the PD and PSE.  Silvertel also offers a comprehensive range of IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at modules, with a smart lighting PoE module coming soon.


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