From Trinamic: Advanced stepper motor module for six axes control

May 22, 2019

Hamburg, 15 April 2019: TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announces the TMCM-6214, a highly integrated module for driving up to six motors. Thanks to the three encoder inputs for incremental A/B/N encoders, it allows for monitoring three of the six motors during operation, making it ideal for multi-axes applications in laboratory and factory automation, life science, robotics, test and measurement, and applications handling precious goods and liquids.

“By monitoring the motor and relaying it back to the operator, our customers can closely track performance of their applications. Making these features easily offers a wide variety of applications to implement predictive maintenance, which can dramatically increase life span,” states Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic.

The TMCM-6214’s features mean engineers can add an extra layer of security to their applications ensuring the best performance possible throughout its extended life span. Moreover, the Trinamic features such as DcStep™ puts the most advanced motor and motion control at the engineer’s fingertips, adding DC motor characteristics to a stepper motor by providing higher torque at lower speeds.

To increase ease of integration, the TMCM-6214 is offered as a TMCL™ version and as a CANopen version. CAN, RS485, RS232, or USB can be used for communication and there are six general purpose digital inputs, two analog inputs and eight protected general purpose outputs in total on board for diagnostics. An integrated power supply switch is available together with two hardware torque off inputs.

Communication traffic is kept low since all time-critical operations like ramp calculation are performed on-board. Full remote control of the device with feedback is possible. The TMCL™ firmware of the module can be updated via any of the serial interfaces. As an alternative to the TMCL version, the TMCM-6214 also comes with CANopen firmware. Both versions are available through distribution beginning of May.


Features and Benefits

  • 6-axes controller/driver for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors
  • Linear and SixPoint™ ramps
  • +9. . . 30V DC supply voltage
  • Up to 1.9A RMS motor current
  • RS485, CAN, RS232 & USB interfaces
  • 3x A/B/N encoder inputs
  • multi-purpose inputs and outputs (protected)
  • Hardware Torque Off with integrated power switch for the driver supply




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