From Trinamic: Scaling Up Smart Motors

Jul 10, 2019

With the PD86-3-1260 PANdrive™, Trinamic adds more torque to their offering of smart motor solutions, combining precise physical motion and 700Ncm holding torque into a single mechatronic solution.

Hamburg, 13.05.2019 - TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announces the PD86-3-1260 PANdrive™ smart motor solution. Extending the range of NEMA23 and NEMA24 motors with a NEMA34 stepper motor, the latest addition is ideal for applications in need of bigger motors, for example in the field of laboratory automation, robotics, manufacturing, factory automation, life science, and test and measurement equipment.

We’ve seen how perfect physical motion enables new use cases such as 3D printers and nimble automation equipment. By pairing our leading-edge technologies with bigger stepper motors, we advance the fourth Industrial Revolution even further, offering the cornerstone to next-generation applications that can be easily scaled up using the minimum effort,” explains Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic.

The onboard I/Os allow for standalone operation, running lines of code you can easily program in TMCL™, and the PD86-3-1260 also allows for remote operation. For this, one of two communication interfaces can be used or even a mix of both. While CANopen allows for easy integration with existing applications, the TMCL communication protocol allows for quick setup, using the flexible and intuitive TMCL-IDE to write your application code for shorter design cycles.

Smart motors such as the PD86-3-1260 PANdrive not only reduce effort by being a complete mechatronic solution. They also reduce effort by incorporating advanced technologies such as SixPoint™ ramping for smooth acceleration and deceleration profiles, StealthChop2™ for absolute silent motor operation and CoolStep™, increasing the energy efficiency with up to 70%.

Thanks to the integrated SensOstep™ absolute position magnetic encoder, the smart motor will automatically detect step-loss under any operating conditions and provides positioning supervision. Available from end of May through Trinamic’s distribution channels, the PD86-3-1260 offers precise and smooth motion control that is reliable, robust, and best-in-class.

Features and benefits:

  • NEMA34 stepper motor
  • 700Ncm holding torque
  • 12…54V
  • Up to 256 microsteps per full step
  • TMCL or CANopen protocol
  • RS485 or CAN, USB2.0, and Step/Dir




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