Symmetry Electronics Helps Mac Global Talk With Wireless Solutions

May 26, 2017

Mac Global Talk Founder Michael Elias talks with Symmetry Electronics Sales Engineer Tim Beaver

Recently one of our customers Michael Elias from Mac Global Talk (MGT), came by Symmetry headquarters to show us some of their products and applications. MGT is an IoT manufacturing company specializing in creating high level security solutions for airports, schools and hospitals as well as making asset tracking products. MGT uses LoRa and Bluetooth technologies in their products such as biometric scanners and SSIDs (Service Set Identifier).

MGT uses products from Nordic Semiconductor such as the NRF51 Bluetooth Smart ANT 2.4GHz Dev Dongle. With this Nordic dongle, GNS created a multi-sensor BLE beacon combining multiple data sensors with RFID technology. This product plugs directly into a power source and is easily set up. 

Combined with LoRa gateways, GNS creates secure networks extending as far as 5 miles.

The GNS - STAR 906 uses biometric data, such as a fingerprint scanner, inside a FOB. This authentication can transmit RFID data to open doors or  access to restricted areas. Fingerprint scanning also ensures that the FOB cannot work with another person. Only the owner of that FOB is granted access. This level of security also alerts security managers if someone, with that FOB, is an unauthorized area, such as secure environments at airports or universities.

“To see IOT find its presence in high level security applications and the use of multiple wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, LoRa and cellular to enable the same Is simply remarkable,” said Symmetry Electronics Application Engineer Nimit Pradhan.

“Symmetry’s primary function as a technical distributor is to assist, in the best way, in getting the most appropriate and suitable components or modules onto a customer’s BOM (bill of materials). This is what I helped Michael with,“ said Symmetry Electronics Sales Engineer, Tim Beaver.

Helping customers like GNS is what we love do to at Symmetry Electronics. We enjoy sharing our expertise in ever-expanding wireless technologies like LoRa and Bluetooth. Contact Symmetry Electronics at 866-506-8829, email us or start a live chat and we'll be glad to help you with your projects!


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