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Jun 23, 2020

Symmetry Electronics is now offering design and technical support for Trinamic’s highly efficient TMC6300 driver for 3-phase BLDC/PMSM motors and battery-powered devices. The TMC6300 is ideal for designs that typically require a single Li-Ion cell or dual AA batteries and can support a wide variety of applications due to its optimal power density, integrated power MOSFETs and high efficiency.

Key Features

  • Voltage Range: 1.8V ~ 11V DC*
  • Battery Operation: 2 AA batteries/NiMh cells or 1-2 Li-Ion cells
  • 3-Phase: Motors up to 2A (peak)
  • Direct Bridge: Operates BLDC/PMSM with block or sine-commutation using 6-line control from a CPU
  • Standby: <50nA typ. current draw
  • Low RDSon: Separate LS 170MΩ and HS 170MΩ (typ.) control signals
  • Compact 3x3 QFN Package: With 20 pins - Ideal for space/size-sensitive designs

*1.8V to 5V IO supply voltage for all digital pins. IC goes to standby mode and resets, when this pin is pulled to GND.


Trinamic’s TMC6300 offers an ultra-low standby current that ensures high-efficiency and prolonged battery life, even with low voltage supply.


Common Applications

  • IoT and Handheld Devices
  • Battery Operated Motors
  • Printers, POS
  • Toys
  • Office and Home Automation
  • CCTV, Security
  • HVAC
  • Mobile Medical Devices


Find out more about Trinamic’s highly efficient TMC6300 driver.


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Written By: Savannah Cuthbert


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